23. 02. 2012.

Counting...27 days until SPRING!

Hello, dragi naši! 

Uživate li konačno u lijepom vremenu koje nam se odlučilo smilovati?
Mi smo jedva dočekale temperature u plusu i suuuunčane dane pa tako sutra idemo u obilazak našeg najdražeg vintage dućana, Uličnog ormara, da vidimo što ima novoga :) . Vrlo brzo vas očekuje post sa puno slikica sutrašnjeg druženja u Ormaru!

Do you finally enjoy in this beautiful weather after that horrible coldness?
We're delighted to have temperatures above 0 degrees and beautiful sunny days. Tomorrow we're going to our favourite vintage store, Ulični ormar, to see what's new there :) Very soon you'll see the photos from our tomorrow's girl time!

Izračunala sam da nas još 27 dana dijeli od proljeća! Današnjim šarenim editorijalom, koji 'vrišti' PROLJEĆEEE, potičem ga da što više ubrza svoj dolazak :)

There are 27 days until the spring! With today's colorful editorial, that 'screams' SPRIIING, I encourage it to come as soon as possible :)

Odmorite oči uz predivan editorijal Marka Keana za Wonderland Magazine.
Relax your eyes with this beautiful Mark Kean's editorial for Wonderland Magazine

 *photos via fashiongonerouge

Cijeli editorijal možete vidjeti OVDJE.
You can see the entire editorial HERE

Lovee, Dora :*

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  1. Baš je retro! ;)
    I ja jedva cekam proooljece, jos malo!!!


  2. i cant wait for spring! (:


  3. pridružujem se željnom odbrojavanju dana do proljeća!

  4. kako čudna kombinacija ona tako tmurna a sve oko nje veselo uz neku stvarno ćeknutu rasvjetu :))))

    1. Ajme, imaš pravo. Uopće nisam o tome razmišljala...Meni se čini da ona glumi kao neku Barbiku...:)

  5. klimatološki, dijeli nas još samo tjedan dana; u mojoj glavi niti toliko! Jučer sam obznanila prijateljici da je već stiglo. Jedva čekam slike iz Ormara!!!

  6. Proljeće je moje najdraže godišnje doba i željno ga iščekujem.

  7. Proljeće meni najmilije godišnje doba,istinski jedva čekam..veselim se fotkama iz Ormara,tamo će biti zanimljivo:)

  8. I'm looking forward to spring - to be able to wear the pretty pastel colours!

  9. 27 dana sluzbenih dana ali nebi se ni pobunila da koji dan urani ;) super je editorijal :)

  10. This post is really nice, I like it so much!!! This campaign is amazing!!!
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  11. Ma, mi smo svi već sad spremni za proljeće! Super su mi fotke..nice bags and shoes!

  12. odlican editorijal :)
    i ja jedva cekam proljece :)

  13. Joooj, i ja jedva čekam lijepo vrijeme, prekrasno zelenilo, odlično raspoloženje, i sve ostalo što nam donosi proljeće! Naravno, vedre boje, cvjetići i sl. :)
    Predivan editorijal!


  14. Hi dear, hope you've been doing great! This photo shoot is so pretty, love the soft pastel colours and girly dresses. If you have this many days to spring, that means I have 27 days to autumn.

    1. yeahh, you're right! well, autumn is also a very charming season :)

  15. These are all gorgeous looks! I hear ya...so ready for the winter to be over, and hope you two had fun at the vintage store :)

  16. predivan editorijal! a Ulični ormar redovno pratim na facebook-u ..koliko divnih stvari!!

  17. The flowers look gorgeous, I got only one sweater with flowers, but want something else! Great post :)


  18. OMG these dresses are bautiful! i am off to check their website and I hope that they ship to Italy!

  19. Super post. I evo samo da obavijestim da kod mene imaš nagradu :)<3


    1. jao, hvala ti puno! stvarno si nas razveselila :)
      awww <3

  20. whoa, i love your blog!! everything is so soso cute and it makes me hungry. I am following you.

    Would you mind following back if you like my blog?


  21. spring is full with a "calm" tone...i'm so in love with it! ;)

  22. Great photoshoot! Lovely clothes as well, really springlike.. ^^

    Thank you for the super nice comment, hih! ^^
    Have a great weekend,

    - Indie by Heart

  23. super beautiful picts! :)
    checkout mine if you have a chance dear thankyou:)

  24. thank you for your lovely comment dear! This collection is to die for! Cant wait for spring!! hehe!


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thanks for all your comments :)

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